Road to Naturally Pouty Lips

Pouty lips are making noise in the beauty industry because it enhances your overall look.

It is one of the most important features of your facial appearance.

In fact, studies have shown that men are drawn to women’s pouty lips more than other features.

You can now achieve this look without using artificial and chemical procedures. Below are some of the natural tips and tricks to get that luscious lips you desire.


Organic honey is a natural moisturizer that makes your lips soft and plump. Hydrating your lips regularly is the key to make them look fuller. Just a dab of honey on your lips twice a day will do.

Peppermint oil
This oil increases lip fullness and color as it stimulates blood circulation in your lips. It has a very soothing effect on your skin. It is best not to use peppermint oil when you have chapped lips

Sugar Scrub
Sugar scrub can be a mixture of sugar and honey. It moisturizes and exfoliates your lips gently. Another type of sugar scrub is combining sugar and coconut oil. It increases blood flow, making your lips have a touch of volume and rosy color.

Cinnamon improves your blood circulation and makes your lips appear plump INSTANTLY. It is best to combine this with petroleum jelly to maximize its benefits.

Dabbing ice to your lips will compress the blood vessels around your lips, making them look red and plump. 2 minutes of ice cube massage will give instant results.


To get your lips soft and flake-free, dunk your toothbrush in water and buff it on your lips in concentric circles. This circular movement will help boost circulation and give your lips a rosy color.

Lip Primer
It is important to always apply lip primer before applying any lip products such as lipstick or lip gloss. It will be helpful in aiding your lipstick to look smoother and last longer.

Plump gloss
Lip plumping gloss has emerged and developed by cosmetic companies. It helps in plumping your lips more naturally on a temporary basis. As soon as you apply the gloss, you will feel tingling sensation and your lips will become voluptuous.

Lip Liner
Over-lining your lips creates an illusion of bigger and fuller lips. To do this, you must first apply concealer to your lips, trace outside your natural lip line, and fill it in with matching lipstick.

One more trick is to layer your lipstick. Use a white liner and draw a line down the middle of your lips, tap and blend this line using your lipstick until the line is barely noticeable.