Tips in Using and Choosing the Perfect Foundation

It is a struggle to try too many make up foundations and not finding the right one that suits your skin complexion.
You may be torn between brands too. So, it is surely an achievement for you to feel satisfied when you found the right one that matches your skin tone.

Worry no more! The following tips will help you choose the perfect foundation wisely.

A lot of women include foundations as part of their makeup routine. In general, make up foundation helps:

cover up scars, blemishes and skin problems
even out your skin tone
leave a silky, smooth finish
control oil

Types of Foundation

1.Liquid Foundation

Liquid foundation gives extra moisture to the skin.
This type of foundation is perfect for women suffering from dry skin.

Types of Liquid Foundation
Oil-based liquid foundations are suitable for normal to dry skin.
Water-based foundations are perfect for oily skin.

2.Cream Foundation

Cream foundation lasts longer when set with powder compared to other types.
It works perfectly on dry skin and gives a better coverage.

However, you should avoid it if you have oily skin.

3.Powder Foundation

Powder foundation is suitable for oily and combination skin.
It can quickly blur your skin perfections and absorb excess oil.

4.Stick Foundation

Stick foundations are convenient to use.
If you need to travel, this type of foundation is a must.
You can easily apply and blend it using a sponge or your fingers.

However, most stick foundations are not suitable for dry skin because it can cause flaky appearance upon application.

Tips in Using Foundation

1.Check your skin color under sunlight

Natural light brings out the actual tone of your skin. Go to a well-lit area where you can easily assess your face.

2.Always blend down to neck

It’s a rule to include your neck when you’re applying any type of foundation. Apply a few strokes on your neck so you’ll have a balanced tone.

3.Do not choose several shades lighter or darker than your natural skin tone.

Experts suggest that foundations change its tone after 20-30 minutes when it blended well with your natural oil. Try to choose the closest shade if possible.

4.Don’t overuse your foundation

Make up foundations are best applied up to 2 layers at maximum. You don’t want to see cracks on your face just because of excessive application.

5.Never sleep with your foundation on

It will clog your pores if you don’t wash your face before going to sleep. Therefore, it can cause acne breakouts or infections.

6.Always check the expiration date

Never use an expired foundation.
Check the label or bottle to see its expiration date. Different brands have different shelf life. Some are best up to 2-3 years upon manufacturing. Other brands are only good for up to 12 months after opening.
So, you better check the label and store your foundation properly.

Remember that foundation is an important base for your face. Therefore, you must choose carefully.
It’s about the right tone and right application to come up with your desired look.